Thursday, December 13, 2007

Hurrah! The Finish Line! No Longer Teetering on the Branch

I am exceedingly happy to finish with The Ten Things. The Tenth Good Thing, The Virtual Library Branch, went well with a few good hints. Checking out an ebook on the PC in Readers Services could have gone faster if I had the notes how to download, which I left upstairs. Readers Services Staff was helpful. Once I found out Adobe and not Mobipocket was needed, success was attained. The next trick was to find the ebook after checking out. Overdrive Media Console, which I had downloaded, was the ticket.

Of course, SPL's Web site is certainly among the best in the land. I could write all day about what it has to offer. Take the catalog. I like it that the more information link often brings up awards and reviews. I also like it that we are linked with other libraries for extra quick retrieval of books that are checked out here (LINKin). I also like the site search and power search links. There are literally hundreds of sites available, which work beautifully. We are able to help our patrons with a flouish.

Thank you, indeed, The Ten Things Team! You made me think "between the lines" and let me and everyone else know what's going on in our virtual world.
I will thank you again, tomorrow, at Staff Day.
You are all wonderful!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

"Almighty Google" Comes Up With Another Winner: Google Docs

The Google enterprise has come up a much improved product: Google Docs. this really will save the information highway from clogging up with numerous attachments. BTW it's very interesting that Google Staff is allowed one day a week to think up new gizmos.

The big advantage Google Docs has over Microsoft Word: the share and publish buttons and that several people can collaborate.

Just as Google Docs improves, according to Lifehacker, along comes Zoho Suite. Move over Google docs.

I liked reading about Mint and Gmail (most improved).

I found the word "Lifehacker" very interesting. I think in the way it's used it means consolidate as to have more time to just live. Hacker, in another sense, means trouble ahead.

Wikis and Teepees Set Up

Ah! The Subject of Radical Trust. Yes! I think that 90% of the larger community can be trusted. It's fun expressing ideas and to be heard by the larger community. For those entering biased and misleading information, I hope someone is watching and adds a truthful look at the whole picture.

When it comes to Wikipedia, I would take it with a grain of salt. In library school, the student is constantly reminded to see if the information is from a credible source. Anyone can write whatever they want in the online encyclopedia and look credible, but how do we know.

Working as a youth librarian, I would suggest to students to look at the credible sites.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Invasion of the Podcasters

Well, once I figured out you had to find the RSS feed icon at the podcast sites, it went well.
I'll have to get into this more in order to suggest topics for our patrons.
I never heard a podcast before. VERY INTERESTING!

Social is as Social Does

This went quickly. I added two of my favorites and will add more soon.
Other Tags you ask? favoredones

Yahoo I'm in FLICKR and Yahoo, too!

Once again, I asked my lovely colleauges for a few hints. I was getting Yahoo and FLICKR passwords jumbled up. I had pictures waiting in the wings, in my staff account.

I was very happy to finish. Yahoo! Hip! Hip! Hooray!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Social Utility (Facebook) and One Friend

It took time to join Facebook because I was also serving on a public desk. Fortunately there was enough time to get a few pointers from my desk mates. I was able to sign up, create my profile, add a picture of me when I was 5-years-old, contact a friend, and log off.

The Best news is that I have ONE FRIEND.